The Avengers vs The X-Men: AVX Versus

… aka “Most pointless book ever”.

Ok, so look… I’m as excited for the Avengers/X-Men clash as any comic-loving dude would be. It’s going to be an absolute stonker, and I’m really looking forward to Magneto whomping on Iron Man’s ass.

But this piece from Comic Book Resources has me more than a little confused. Basically, what Tom Brevoort is saying is that AvX Versus is going to be the tie-in that “expands the battles seen in the main pages of AvX“.

This type of thing shits me. Because this is how Tom and the team at Marvel see it:

“It is the ultimate book for the quintessential Marvel fan,” said Brevoort. “There’s going to be plenty of fighting in the main ‘AvX’ title, but given the casts are so large and given that there are so many potential conflicts — if you go to any message board right now where people are talking about ‘AvX’ and they want to see every character who’s ever appeared in the Avengers fight every character that’s ever appeared in the X-Men, there’s not going to be enough space to do justice to all those conflicts in the main book.”

And this is how I see it:

You’re making me buy a second book just to see the fights.

Look, I’m looking forward to seeing who will win between Rogue and Ms. Marvel… but holy heck, don’t make me buy a separate book just to see the damn thing.

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