The Walking Dead Compendium Two Release Date – When will we see the damn thing?

So, I remember when I first managed to get my copy of the Walking Dead Compendium 1 Volume… the damn thing was so weighty, so huge, it was like Christmas and I was a five year old kid again. I mean, c’mon; the thing was over 1000 pages long! Sitting down to devour it in one go was a comic lover’s dream.

So, once I had finished the first 1000 pages, the next logical step was – of course – to grow impatient for Compendium 2. I scanned online forums, used a bit of Google-fu, visited the deepest dens looking for a definitive date. And you know what? I never found one.

So, after much frustration, I figured out I’d put this page up there to answer anyone else searching fruitlessly online for an answer. While this isn’t the definitive answer you’re hoping for, here’s my guess as to when we will be likely to see The Walking Dead: Compendium Two released:

The Walking Dead Issue #91 Cover

The first compendium collected issues 1 – 48 of the series, and Kirkman’s been reported as saying he’d like to release one every 50 issues. So, let’s say that with that in mind, you’d think that we’d need to wait until at least issue 96 before Image considered putting the next volume together (if not until 100).
With that in mind, we’re currently just up to issue #91 of the series, released on Nov 1, 2011. So there’s still at least another 5 issues to go, which would take us up to April, 2012.
Now: Issue #48 was released back in April, 2008. But Compendium One (which, remember, collected issues 1 – 48) was only released May 2009. A year after issue #48 was released. So, by that logic, we would probably need to wait a year after issue #96 was released for Compendium Two to be released… which would mean we’re looking at a May 2013 release for Compendium Two. That’s if publishing followed the same route as Compendium One.

Which, of course, we all know it won’t. Thanks to the series on AMC becoming a certified TV Smash Hit (yes, capitals intentional), there’s no doubt they’ll be trying to rush this collection out soon. But, with #96 only coming out in April 2012, no matter how fast the publishing house work, we’re still looking at a secong half of 2012 release date at the very earliest, possibly Christmas 2012 more likely.

So, what does all this mean? Make sure you’re comfortable with the concept of delayed gratification, kids. It’s going to be a long wait.

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